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The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Center of Central PA is a volunteer-led effort to create a regionally representative community center that is both a location and a unifying point for central Pennsylvania's large, diverse, and multi-county LGBT population.

The mission of the LGBT Center of Central PA is to create common ground for the LGBT community and allies in central Pennsylvania by providing services through educational, cultural, and community activities that foster wholeness. We seek to: 
  • Create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment
  • Provide and support comprehensive programs throughout the community
  • Embrace diversity, health, and wellness


In 2004, a strategic planning group “broke ground” on the concept of our new home. They surveyed the LGBT community to understand the needs, interests and opinions of the people. They studied the feasibility of an LGBT regional community center. Through a number of facilitated and self-driven sessions, participants accepted the idea and created a framework for moving forward with a Board of Directors to further the idea.

The Board has been meeting monthly since November 2006. At the first Board meeting, a mission statement was adopted that sought to assure the LGBT community that the center would be a place for all people to find “common space,” to enjoy numerous and varied activities and find valuable services. Also at the first meeting, the Board temporarily chose the name “The LGBT Center Coalition.”

In January 2007, the Center launched its website, elected officers and created committees to further its mission.


  • Barbara Darkes, President
  • Darkes
  • Stinson Stroup, Vice-President
  • Stroup
  • Jason Thomas, Treasurer
  • Thomas
  • Dorothy Fulton, Secretary
  • Fulton
  • Russ Boggs
  • Shaashawn Dial-Snowden
  • Andrea Glass
  • Glass
  • Marilynn Kanenson
  • Kanenson
  • Matthew Krupp
  • Krupp
  • Charlene Natcher
  • Natcher
  • Heidi Notario
  • Notario
  • Trum Simmons
  • Dr. Evan Smith
  • Smith


The LGBT Center of Central PA
1306 N 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102
Phone: (717) 920-9534
Fax: (717) 298-4182
Louie Marven, Executive Director
Pat Van Horn, Operations Manager

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